Below you will find every command Xaya currently supports.

These only work in the #xaya channel on our discord.

Click on any one of them to find out more.

Command:$ <message>
Example:$ Hi xaya!

You can add an asterisk to the end of your message to make Xaya reply with a video.

Xaya is our custom chat bot created by Lvst, specifically for the Cyberwave discord.

As such, the most basic functionality she has is conversation. Use this command to initiate a conversation with her.

Regarding the conversations, please adhere to the general rules of our server. Not doing so could result in a ban from the server.

Command:! prompt [modifier] -model | negative prompt
Modifiers:[landscape] [portrait] [card] [private]
Example prompts and model flags can be found in the xaya models tab above.
After sending your prompt, Xaya will react to your message to indicate progress:
👀 - Your prompt has been queued.
😴 - The model is loading.
🧐 - Currently generating your image.
- Your image has been generated.

In addition to your prompt, you can also apply:

[landscape] - Landscape aspect ratio
[portrait] - Portrait aspect ratio
[private] - Anonymous generation
[card] - Generate the image within a <playing card frame>
additional modifiers:
alchemy- Uses AI to enhance the prompt with more detail and keywords, while keeping the original idea.
pixel - Having the word pixel in your prompt will output a pixel art image with any model.
faceid - Output image will have the same face as attached image. Include the word faceid in your prompt, with an image of a person attached, to use the face on the attached image to make the output image character's face match in likeness.
styletransfer - Remake the attached image in AI, and include anything prompted. Attach an image and include the word styletransfer in your prompt.
img2img - Image to image AI prompt. Use the keyword 'weight:1' (1 to 10) to determine how much the attached image will effect the output.
-model flag:You can specify which model you'd like to use for generating your image.The model flag must start with "-" and follow with the 3 character code assigned to each model.EXAMPLE: !acura nsx 2020, night drive -limnegative prompt:Negative prompts allow you to specify exactly what you DO NOT want to be generated within the image.The negative prompt must come at the end of the prompt after the pipe symbol "|".EXAMPLE: !acura nsx 2020, night drive -lim | people, blurry, traffic

Command:# <prompt>
Example:# dark trap beat, 140 bpm, haunting sample, hard

You can use Xaya to generate a 10 second sample completely from scratch based on the given prompt.

Command:/mp3 <link-to-song>

You can use Xaya to download any song or video and convert to MP3.

Must be under 15 minutes for youtube, and under 2 hours for soundcloud to work.