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Things U Said cover art
THINGS U SAID10/05/2024
We are ecstatic to welcome the talented C-ZER on Cyberwave with his latest release 'Things U Said'. This electrifying tune merges the adrenaline of gaming with a nostalgic nod to the classic trance anthems of the 90s and early 00s. Crafted for the next-gen cyber era, 'Things U Said' is designed to ignite dance floors with its high-energy riffs and ethereal vocal chops. Whether you're lost in a virtual world or reminiscing about rave days gone by, this track guarantees to transport you to a euphoric state.
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Sixth Force cover art
SIXTH FORCE03/05/2024
We are honored to have Teneki joining us for our sixth label release with his new masterpiece. 'Sixth Force' is born from a fusion of nostalgic reminiscences and futuristic visions, drawing inspiration from the pulsating rhythms of Deepforces' Hard Trance, particularly the iconic track 'Harder'. This song represents a journey back to the musical roots of the genre while exploring new horizons in Hardwave. The project navigates the challenge of balancing diverse influences, employing experimentation with synthesis and production techniques to create a sound that resonates with familiarity while introducing refreshingly new elements.
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Decrypt cover art
crowit. & Exodynamix
We are extremely happy to welcome the talented crowit. and Exodynamix into our Cyberwave family. Inspired by Virtual Self and Teneki, 'Decrypt' masterfully sits at the intersection of hardwave, neotrance, and hardstyle. It is a mesmerizing composition that strikes a perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation, leaving listeners in a state of awe and anticipation for what's next. 'Decrypt' is an experience that transcends the conventional, lingering long after the music stops.
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Machina cover art
We are excited to welcome Emurse into our Cyberwave family with this massive tune. Embrace the electrifying energy of 'Machina', a cyber electronic anthem that's already set stages ablaze across large audiences. Perfect for anyone looking to elevate their energy or get a crowd pumped, this track promises to be an unforgettable banger.
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