ZETMO - Blistershine is out now!
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We are stoked to have ZETMO join us on Cyberwave with his latest release, "Blistershine". This electronic ballad features blissful vocal adlibs and highly memorable arpeggios, which will echo in your head for days.
Inspired by iconic hardwave artists, Zetmo flawlessly mixes traditional neotrance influences with hardwave sound design to get something that feels unique and avant-garde.
Blistershine cover art
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cali.xo "cry" album listening party
Join us Friday, Feb 2, on our twitch for a special evening as we celebrate the release of "Cry" by cali.xo, starting at 4 PM EST/10 PM CET.
This event will be more than just an album launch; it's a journey through deep and emotional bass music.
Alongside cali.xo, we are thankful to have an amazing lineup of artists who will get you in the feels:
- Five Suns
- shxde
- bl1the
- skinxbones
We hope to see you all there!
Big love,
Cyberwave Collective & cali.xo
Flyer for cali.xo "cry" album listening party
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